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You want to do something meaningful?

We provide an exclusive counselling and special care service for people who have questions about life, career, wealth, generation change, future of their offspring, investments and international cooperations.

Advice across Generations – We set the Course

Together we look for new ways, for meaningful projects and the realisation of ideas and visions.

Family Office means, we are there for you and your dreams all the way. It means to accompany you in all your life challenges with advice and care.

International Options on Education for the Next Generation

Maybe you are looking for new challenges in education for your offspring and want to increase the knowledge base and experience level when changing generations.

We work closely with you together on setting the right course for the next generation to enable them to be strong individuals.

Everything is personal

We make sure that nothing is off the shelf. Everything is custom-made and tailored to your personality and your individual needs.

To ensure that we are known for going non-typical ways and try everything, to make it as pleasant as possible for you. Nothing is common or generic with us.

With Purpose

Be inspired through our portfolio on endless possibilities to work for the common good. There are many areas you can get involved with, if you like. Maybe you have a personal favor or story to relate to a particular area of foundation work. Or maybe you have special interest or wanted to do something all your life. We make it happen.

Your Privacy is Sacred to us.

When we work together we consider you as family and what is said and done in the family stays in the family, we consider this a sacred trust.

If you want, we’ll get you your family connected regionally as well as internationally. We are good listeners and we are able to provide ample space for you and your ideas.

I would never have thought it to be possible but with the family office of HMS my dreams of setting up a foundation were perfectly fulfilled. They were able to make a wish come true that my deceased wife and I had to establish a foundation with a wonderful purpose. I received counsel, they took care of all my needs and wants so that I am perfectly happy with the results.

Peter Stoffers

Founder, Peter & Elke Stoffers Foundation

The Focal Point is Always the Human Being

There is only slight difference between all the human beings, but this little difference is so much more important.

(Henry James, 1843-1916)

Your Appointment

We take your questions and your needs seriously and are willing to come to you wherever you are or meet with you wherever you want in order to have a personal conversation, to talk about your ideas, questions, projects and wishes. 


+49 (0)170. 410 45 41